Summary of Salvation History

Salvation history is repeating itself through cycles composed of four typical phases based respectively on peace, sin, judgment and return to peace joining the phase of peace of the next cycle. These phases are quite natural because creation first implies peace, which is then followed by transgression (sin) leading to suffering (judgment) and therefore implicating salvation (return to peace).

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Creation of the angels in the origin of time Separation of the angels from God by their research of autonomy Autopunishment because separation from the source of life leads to deprivation and pain Creation of the material world 14 billion years ago and humans 200’000 years ago


The plain of the Euphrates and the Tigris, terrestrial paradise for humanity living several millenaries ago Increase of violence Rise of the sea level after the last glaciation flooding the Persian Gulf in about 7500 BC Second Noah survivor symbolizing the early Sumerian dynastic period; benediction of fertility
The civilization of the Sumerians in the country of the two rivers Social degradation and increase of violence Inundations and invasions of Semitic people and successive disappearance of the Sumerian culture Third Noah survivor symbolizing the Semite ascension finally leading to the Babylonian Empire
Abraham and Lot leave Ur for Canaan in 2085 BC Perversion of Sodom and Gomorrah Destruction of the Valley of Siddim by volcanic eruptions Survival of Lot ancestor of Moabites and Ammonites; Abraham ancestor of Israel
Joseph and his brothers in the country of Canaan around 1900 BC Rejection and sale of Joseph by his brothers Famine in the Egyptian region during seven years Arrival of Jacob and his sons in Egypt and reconciliation with Joseph towards 1870


The Israelites in Egypt (1870-1440) Oppression of the Israelite people by the Egyptians; murmurs of Israel against God The ten plagues; straying of Israel in the desert during forty years Exodus out of Egypt towards 1440 and conquest of Canaan by the second generation
The kingdom until Solomon (1200-926) Apostasy of Solomon and later of the northern kingdom Occupation and deportation by Assyrians in 722 Survival of Judah under Hezekiah
Judah and Jerusalem until the reform of Josiah 700-609 Apostasy of the king Manasseh and the kings after Josiah Occupation of Judah and deportation of the Jews by the Babylonians between 597 and 587 Return of the Jews from the Babylonian exile in 538 and reconstruction of Jerusalem and the temple
Judah from 500 to 170 BC Apostasy and Hellenism adopted by the Jews Punishment by Antiochus Epiphanes and revolt of the Maccabees Victory on Antiochus Epiphanes and recovery of the religious liberty


Judah from 160 BC to Jesus Arrest, flagellation and crucifixion of Jesus by the Jewish authority Darkening of the Sun and earthquake Resurrection of Jesus on the third day
The Apostles and the Church of Jerusalem Persecutions against Christians by the Jewish authority and Roman Emperor Nero Siege of Jerusalem and the temple by the Romans in 70 AD Reception of the Gospel by the Pagans
The non-Jewish Church whose center becomes Rome Persecutions against Christians by Roman Caesars such as Domitian, Decius, Diocletian and Galerius Siege of Rome by Cousins and Vandals; fall of the Western Roman Empire (410/55) Victory of the Gospel by the edict of Milan in 313; Christianity State religion since 380
Great time of evangelization first of Europe; plenitude by world scale in the future and mission of the last Saints Persecutions against martyrs and later against the last Saints Extermination of the kings of the earth by a celestial army surrounding Christ coming back Resurrection of the last Saints


Millennial reign Last slackening of Satan; uprising against Jerusalem Assailants devoured by a celestial fire; resurrection of all men and last Judgment Creation of a new universe and eternal reign of the Kingdom of God


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Cycles of Salvation History

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